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About ATL Aviation Ltd

ATL Aviation Ltd is owned and run by Paul Grayston.

Paul has over 40 years' experience in the aviation industry - he worked for BA for twenty seven years and then contracted setting up Aeroeng Ltd in 2007 and this was disolved in 2020 due to Covid and ATL Aviation started in the same year.

The connections that Paul has made over the years enable him to hand-pick the most skilled and reliable personnel to work alongside him. He now has an extensive network of suppliers, manufactures, airlines and specialists. The main aim is to bring together aircraft engineers and suppliers of good reputation and quality, with the main driver being the delivery of the highest possible standards from all. Having met or worked with these engineers and suppliers, he knows their work and standards first hand.

During 2016, the company is expanding to embrace all those mentioned above to bring excellence in one place.

Many times in the past, Paul has dealt with aircraft that have had maintenance with the only drivers seemingly to be cost. This can give rise to low quality and of course possible risk. Cost is a big factor to maintain a competitive edge, but with motivated people and skilled planning, the cost can be kept within margin without compromising on quality. We have this mind set in ATL Aviation Ltd.

Further Information:
+44 (0)7966288724
Further Information:
+44 (0)7966288724

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