Aircraft base maintenance
Cost-effective, reliable and high-quality aircraft line and base maintenance

Line and Base Maintenance

Heavy Maintenance

Highly experienced and professional engineers to carry out major and minor checks on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Some key areas of expertise include:

Base/Hangar Checks

  • Implementation of Airframe Engine and Avionics SBs, ADs and modifications
  • Structural inspection and repair
  • End of lease, special inputs, change of ownership and return to service from storage
  • Landing gear replacement
  • Engine replacement
  • Structural repairs
  • Interior refurbishment or upgrade
  • Defect rectification
  • Full functional checks including engine runs.

Line Maintenance

  • Turnrounds, overnight checks and ETOPS checks
  • 'A' checks and special requests
  • Defect rectification and monitoring of deferred defects
  • Ensuring on time departures are a priority.
Further Information:
+44 (0)7966288724
Further Information:
+44 (0)7966288724

Line and Base Maintenance - Our Standards

  • To carry out all customers' requests at the highest standard with safety and commercial considerations being paramount.
  • To communicate effectively with our customers so we fully understand their need.s
  • To accomplish inspection and maintenance tasks as required by the customer, with efficient and cost effective use of manpower and resources.
  • To ensure that all customers' procedures and standards are complied with.
  • To ensure that all regulatory and legal requirements are fully met.
  • To liaise at all times with representatives, MCC and all customers' departments as required.
  • To ensure that we and those working for us in a sub-contracting capacity carry out work of the highest standards.
  • To ensure that we fulfil our responsibility to minimise the impact that our work may have on the environment.
Aeroplane line maintenance

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