Refurbished aircraft cabin
Cabin upgrades, refurbishments and reconfigurations

Aircraft Cabin Refurbishments, Reconfigurations, Repairs and Upgrades

Our workforce incorporates skilled engineers, mechanics, internal painters and trimmers who have gained a wealth of experience delivering projects such as cabin upgrades, reconfigurations and refurbishments.

Part of our success has been our commitment to work closely with our customers, understanding their needs and ensuring that budgets and regulatory requirements are met.

We are a professional and dedicated group of people working to the highest safety standards and delivering on time.

Further Information:
+44 (0)7966288724
Further Information:
+44 (0)7966288724

Sample Project: A320 Refurbishment
Downtime 5 days

How passengers feel about your aircraft will be greatly influenced by the standard and quality of the passenger cabin. At ATL Aviation Ltd, our attention to detail and dedication to achieve the highest standard are something we feel extremely proud of. Our dedicated people have experience in Boeing 757s, 737s and Airbus A320 family, including helicopters and light aircraft. We will carry out upgrades, refurbishments and reconfigurations. No project is too big or too small, our team will transform your interior giving you and your passengers complete satisfaction.

Before Refurbishment
Work In Progress
After Refurbishment

Project Specification

  • Remove all passenger seats - clean and refit or fit replacement seats - or replace covers.
  • Remove all cabin attendant seats - strip down - paint frames - replace covers.
  • Remove all dado panels and recover or repaint as required.
  • Remove all bulkheads and recover with new pattern tedlar.
  • Remove all stowage's (dog houses etc) and recover or paint.
  • Fill and paint inside of all overhead bins.
  • Remove overhead bin doors and paint.
  • PSU panels cleaned. These can be painted at customer's request.
  • If required remove fwd and aft coindot (NTF) flooring and replace.
  • Remove over wing exits, clean and repaint.
  • Remove all window scratch panels clean, polish or replace damaged panels.
  • Clean all side wall panels or replace panels if the customer requests.
  • Clean ceiling panels and paint at customer's request.
  • Strip and paint or recover all toilet walls and cabinet doors.
  • Remove toilet doors and recover.
  • Repaint all entrance foot plates.

Additional Tasks Could be Done if Requested

  • Cleaning of aircraft external surface.
  • Replacing floor path lighting with photo luminescent lighting strips.
  • Fitting new carpets.
Refurbished aeroplane flying

Going the extra mile: landing gear and engine cowlings/thrust reversers cleaned at the customers during the same downtime.

Our Approach to Business Over the Last 40 Years